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Depending on conditions we use 10, 13 and 19mm superior insulated copper tube which is heat resistant to 120 degrees. The polyethylene film contains UV protection additives built for the harshest conditions. The seamless insulation prevents condensation through roofs as does our use of thicker insulation.

Air conditioner mounts are what hold your system down, keeps it off the ground and guarantees it will stay there for the life of the install. We use only the best anti vibration mounts and brackets to suit our harsh climate. Why trust your investment with anything less.

We go the extra step and use only rust proof fixings from saddles, screws and mounts. We take pride in our work and want your system to last.

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Smart Duct Colours

smart duct

Smart duct is Australia’s favourite and reliable ducting system for air conditioners. It is easy to install, UV resistant and long lasting. For a more elegant look we can also use metal ducting measured to suit each installation and with a variety of colours to choose from it will make your installation superior from the rest.

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There is more to your system than just the indoor unit and for the air conditioner to function properly the whole system requires proper servicing. As part of our service package, we provide bag cleans, condenser clean, pressure check and function check. We can provide you in detail how your system is working and give advice on how to keep it working properly for years to come.

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Two of the biggest causes of air conditioner failure causing replacement are rust and damage to PC boards by vermin. We use HVAC-R an Australian product which we coat all elements of an air conditioning unit. Being able to cover the cabinets, coils, fins and PC Board, Action HVAC-R is the ultimate protective coating in the industry.

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