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At Recon Energy we use only the best and recommended gear for our customers and when available, we will use Australian products before overseas brands.

The main Australian products we use are Voltex, who have been around for 25 years and Clipsal which have been around for 100 years. Both brands are used by thousands of electrical contractors Australia wide and have a continual research development program. Voltex products offer an impressive 25-year warranty and 7-year warranty. Both have an impressive range of styles and products to choose from. Some of the other Australian brands we use are Haneco, Martec and Ventair.

From lights, security lights, DC motor ceiling fans, photo electric smoke detectors, switches, power points, heating and ventilation, protection devices, motion detection, smart home, you name it we can install it.

We offer safety checks of the house and main board where all your protection devices are located. We offer advice and our recommendation on non-compliant and unsafe equipment in the house, shed, farm and office.

We can install generator change over switches from 15A to 32A single and three phase or hard wired. Timers for lights and hot water systems. Supply power to your shed and wire in the electrical. From renovations, re-wires or new installations let Recon Energy help you.

Large fan inside shed Installation by Recon Energy
Ventair Skyfan
Voltex powerpoint
Clipsal powerpoint
Atom and haneco lighting
RCD test switch image
Generator switches

RCD's are the life of your electrical system

Not only do they protect you and your loved ones from electrical shock, they also protect everyone who visits your property or business.

Did you know that even though you have an rcd it may be faulty without you knowing it? You can manually check by pressing the test button monthly on the front of it and getting it tested electronically to see if it trips quicker than 30milliseconds.

The time it trips is the difference between life and death so make sure that yours is still functioning properly.

generator switches and inlets

We install generator changeover switches and inlets.

We can also make leads of any type and size to suit your needs.

CCTV security cameras

IVSEC provides intelligent video security product solutions for a wide variety of customers from corporate security companies to commercial and residential end-users. Product solutions are based on reliability, easy-to-install and ease-of-use.  

IVSEC is a reliable distributor of security systems and products. IVSEC will help you find the best equipment for all your security needs, using security cameras, biometrics and specialised software. IVSEC specialises in supplying reliable technology and equipment for home and workplace security solutions. The IVSEC brand comprises Australian selected components and hardware and software servers for local updates within Australia. IVSEC has grown quickly while expanding and maintaining excellent customer service.  

IVSEC is an Australian brand offering high-quality video surveillance equipment at affordable prices. The IVSEC range of IP cameras is characterised by their ease of installation, intuitive settings, quality of finish, and Australian support.  

Security cameras - Recon Energy
Power surge

why you should be aware of damage caused by surge voltages

Due to continually increasing numbers of damage cases, surge protection measures in low-voltage systems are becoming ever more important.

Damage from surge voltages occurs not only from direct lightning strikes, which can cause significant destruction. Serious damage to electronic devices and systems is more commonly caused by surge voltages from lightning strikes within a radius of two kilometres.

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Surge protection